Texas bikers organized rally against bullying incident

HIDALGO, Texas – Bikers rallying in support of a special need student who was allegedly bullied by a classmate.

The mayor of the city of Hidalgo and bikers gifted the alleged victim and the student who defended him, an award for standing up against bullying. Stating no children should ever have to fear going to school. The incident happened at Hidalgo Early College High School. Where a student allegedly punched a special needs student in the face.

Priscilla Treviño Villareal, event organizer, “There should be more awareness in the city, not only in this city, but other cities around the world. Many kids have lost their lives, many kids have killed themselves because of bullying. We as adults should be the voice for these kids and that’s the reason why we’re here now. We’re the voice for these kids and we want this to stop.”

The mayor announcing the city plans on launching an anti-bullying campaign throughout the whole year.

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Source: KVEO