New details on the arrest of a couple in Helsinki

Sofia and Niko enjoying a night out in Marbella

A MARBELLA-based expat accused of serious drug crimes must hand over €4 million worth of assets to a European court. 

Niko Ranta-aho, who owns a restaurant in Puerto Banus, was arrested in Helsinki last week alongside his bikini-bodybuilding girlfriend Sofia Belorfia. 

Belorfia, who was crowned Bikini-Fitness World Champion in 2015, stands accused of money laundering. 

Sofia is accused of money laundering by Finnish police
Sofia is accused of money laundering by Finnish police

The pair denied the charges at the weekend but Helsinki’s district court has continued to hold them in prison and today ordered the seizure of €4 million worth of assets from Ranta-aho. 

“The District Court believes Ranta-aho could try to hide or destroy this property,” the court stated.

A source told the Olive Press: “The amount typically correlates with the alleged proceeds concerning the crimes. 

“According to a prosecutor Mr. Erkki Huhtala connected to the case the amount is possibly the largest ever in drug crimes in Finland. 

“Ranta-Aho doesn’t have any assets in Finland so this will most likely lead to the search for assets in Spain.”

Ranta-aho is the owner of Teatro restaurant in the upmarket Puerto Banus resort, popular with holidaymakers. 

Lamborghini and Mercedes-Brabus were two of Niko’s prized motors
Lamborghini and Mercedes-Brabus were two of Niko’s prized motors

The dinner-and-a-show style venue has seen the likes of Ja Rule and Tyga perform.

He also owns ER Property, which, according to its website, has sold villas worth more than €1 million on the Costa del Sol. 

Ranta-Aho often shows off his envious car collection online, including a white Lamborghini and Mercedes 4×4. 

Both may now be seized as the investigations in Spain and Finland continue.

Niko has a collection of motorbikes
Niko has a collection of motorbikes

Belorfia, meanwhile, had over 60,000 Instagram followers and seemed to be living the life of luxury.

She was often pictured in swanky pads with her small white dog. 

Sofia with her dog in Marbella pad
Sofia with her dog in Marbella pad

But according to respected Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the pair may have been involved in the narcotics business with Finland’s Hells Angels.

It comes after the boss of the Finnish arm of the biker group was hunted down on the same day as Ranta-aho and Belorfia.

The head honcho was also imprisoned on serious drug charges at the weekend.

Helsingin Sanomat has reported that he is suspected of being involved with  Ranta-aho and Belorfia.

Police have refused to comment on the suspected links but court documents revealed 65kg of illegal drugs were found during raids in Spain last week. 

Helsinki criminal commissioner Charles Lehmus told press authorities were investigating a ‘big operation’, mostly dealing in cocaine. 

Lehmus did not reveal the exact number of suspects.

“When there is a big operation like this, the number of suspects is pretty large,” he said.

According to information provided to Helsingin Sanomat, the case includes several drug types, but the focus is on cocaine trafficking.

Niko snaps a selfie behind the wheel of a Ferrari
Niko snaps a selfie behind the wheel of a Ferrari

According to Belorfia’s defense lawyer Paul Perovuo, Belorfia knew nothing about where her partner’s money came from.

“The police claim it is money laundering if you live with someone who gets caught with funds alleged to have been illegally earned,” he said.

“Sofia didn’t know where the money came from.”

Her Instagram account has since been taken down.

Source: The Olive Press