Crown witness in Caloh Wagoh case: Lawyer Meijering wanted to put pressure on me

Caloh Wagoh MC

The Public Prosecution Service (PPS) announced on Saturday that it was investigating a statement by Tony de G., saying that an attempt had been made through lawyer Nico Meijering to persuade him to abandon his role as a key witness in the case against members of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh. Meijering calls the accusation absurd.

The AD brought the story that De G. was put under pressure on Saturday outside. The man was allegedly approached in prison by a fellow prisoner.

According to De G., this fellow prisoner would have acted on behalf of Meijering. The lawyer, in turn, was instructed by Greg R., a client of Meijering and a suspect in the investigation into liquidations and preparations for them.

“This is a transparent lie, if only for the fact that a lawyer would make himself very vulnerable in this way by reporting to a supposed crown witness”, Meijering’s law firm said in a statement.

De G.’s statement has recently been included in the file under the heading ‘Threats Meijering’. The law firm immediately asked the justice department for clarification, because Meijering was never heard of this.

Statement added in the context of transparency

Lawyer Christian Flokstra, who also assists R., says in a response to that the case officer immediately apologized for the fact that the lawyers were not informed in advance that the statement would be added.

The PPS itself said on Saturday in a press statement that “it is certain for the PPS that this statement should be included in the file as fully as possible.” In a conversation with, a spokesperson adds that the testimony is part of a series of statements from De G. that have recently been added to the file.

“A statement that has been around for a year, but they don’t do anything with it,” Flokstra said. “A crazy story. Greg never made that request, let alone cooperate with it.”

According to the law firm, Meijering also assists the fellow prisoner De G. would have approached.

PPS only wants to respond to the content of the session

The PPS says it does not yet want to respond to the question why the story has not been directly investigated and that it only wants to have this discussion at the session.

The PPS’s press statement states that it is “working on verification or falsification of the witness’s statements, including that statement”.

According to Flokstra, the public prosecutor stated in an e-mail that there has been no investigation into the statement as yet. “The fact that the PPS now comes in one go with the story that is being worked on is contrary to the truth.”

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Source: NU