Hoorn, Nl: Rising tensions could be linked to motorcycle clubs

Hardliners MC

HOORN – The 40-year-old suspect who was arrested at the Kosterstuin in Hoorn after the shooting will in any case remain in jail for another two weeks. Thus the examining magistrate concluded this afternoon. 

On Friday morning, there was shooting in the residential area and, according to local residents, their neighbor is involved in motorcycle club MC Hardliners: a club that is also associated with two previous explosions in Hoorn.

An anonymous source also confirms to NH Nieuws that the resident is a member of the motorcycle club. The police say they cannot confirm this.

Residents of the Kosterstuin woke up that morning to an argument between two men in their street and a subsequent shot. According to a neighbor, the man is a ‘familiar’ in the neighborhood. 

“There are often at night or very early shady types there at the door. He walked this week in the street boasting with his motorcycle jacket on,” he said earlier to NH Nieuws. 

Tension in the street

The streets of Hoorn have been restless in recent weeks. In December, considerable damage was caused to homes on Gerritsland with an explosive. 

The explosive would have been intended for a prominent Satudarah member, according to De Telegraaf . However, this was denied by the resident who lives at the address where the explosive went off at the door. 

“The fact that I was a member of a motorcycle club has nothing to do with it,” the resident shared with NH Nieuws at the time.

A week and a half ago, a firework bomb was thrown at a house on the Plantain in Zwaag. 

“A grenade was detonated there that was intended for a former gang member of Satudarah who was hiding there with a relative,” said an anonymous source.

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Source: NH Nieuws