Public Prosecution Service gives crown witness 50 percent ‘penalty discount’ for confession about Caloh Wagoh murders

Caloh Wagoh MC

The Public Prosecutor Service (PPS) is going to demand crown witness Tony de G. a jail term of twelve years in exchange for his statements in Caloh Wahoh case. The crown witness himself is being prosecuted for his role in four underworld murders, but the PPS gives a 50 percent discount in exchange for his statements.

This is evident from the deal between the criminal and the PPS, insiders confirm. 35-year-old Tony de G. from Spijkenisse was a member of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh. After being arrested as a murder suspect in 2017, he quickly went to justice. He made 25 statements and became a crown witness.

On the basis of his statements, the police arrested a large number of members of the motorcycle club. The PPS suspects them of quite a few recent underworld murders. According to the PPS, the recently arrested top criminal Ridouan Taghi is one of the clients of the motorcycle club.


Tony de G. is suspected of the murder of Jaïr Wessels and involvement in the murder of Farid Souhali . He is also suspected of participating in a criminal organization. He has also made statements about the murder of Zeki Yumusak and the  Belgian businessman Stefaan Bogaerts and the shelling of a villa  in Doorn in Utrecht. 

The PPS indicates that under normal circumstances it would demand 24 years in prison against the crown witness. In a crown witness scheme, the PPS can offer a maximum of 50 percent penalty, which now results in a 12-year sentence. In addition to these agreements, Tony de G. has also signed a deal about his safety and his life after serving his sentence. These agreements remain secret and do not share the OM with the outside world. Ultimately, the court determines the final punishment that the crown witness will be imposed.

Gold mine of proof

In addition to the incriminating statements by the crown witness, the investigation team has another gold mine of evidence against the suspected motorcycle club members. For unclear reasons, Caloh Wagoh President Keylow photographed and filmed chat conversations that he had with his encrypted smartphone. This is salient, because these telephones were designed to communicate outside the police and judicial authorities. After his arrest, the PPS has succeeded in cracking the laptops and data carriers on which they stood. 

The conversations openly discuss murder plans, both with clients and with shooters. “If you (do) him this weekend or Monday, I’ll give you 80 without a hassle,” a Taghi contact writes to Keylow when they talk about preparing for a murder. He means that he wants to pay 80,000 euros for the liquidation. 


Keylow has indicated in interrogations that he has nothing to do with the murder plans. In an interrogation he has indicated that he is working on a documentary, which is the reason for recording chats. In total it concerns almost ten million chat messages. 

Tony de G.’s lawyer does not want to respond to the news when asked. The criminal case against the members of Caloh Wagoh will be resumed in two weeks in the extra secure court at Schiphol. The substantive treatment is expected to only take place in 2021. 

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