Rebels bikie Jamie Saliba in legal win after cop death threat

Rebels MC

A REBELS bikie who was recorded saying he would kill a NSW detective has had his conviction overturned on appeal.

Jamie Saliba was last year convicted of threatening to kill a serving NSW Police officer after detectives listened to private telephone conversations between Saliba and his partner while he was in jail in 2016.

Jamie Saliba

“I will get out and live at my Nan’s and then sue the c..ts, or kill (the detective), either one,” he said. The calls were then forwarded to the officer in question, who feared for his family’s safety, according to his statement tendered to the court. However, the Parramatta District Court has accepted Saliba was just “letting off steam” after learning his mate Michael Davey was murdered just four days prior. Saliba’s legal team said the comment was “a throwaway line” and was never intended to be passed onto the cop in a bid to intimidate him.

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Source: Daily Telegraph