The Death Head may be worn again for the time being in Netherlands

Hells Angels Netherlands

The court in Utrecht decided last year that the Hells Angels are  banned  and must be dissolved, regardless of the appeal. The Court of Appeal in Arnhem, however, states that the execution of that decision will be postponed as long as there is no judgment on appeal .

According to the court of appeal, the dissolution of the motorcycle club cannot be reversed if the judgment in the appeal is different from the court. For example, the assets of the association would be liquidated, which is irrevocable.

The judgment of the court also has consequences for the members of the Hells Angels. Some have been fired or put on hold because they were members of an organization that, according to the court, facilitates and glorifies violence.

The court of appeal emphasizes that the postponement of the dissolution has no consequences for the final judgment. The substantive treatment of the appeal is on 26 May.

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Source: Het Parool