Bike Shed Community Response scheme is helping the most vulnerable get throughthe Covid-19 crisis

Bike Shed Motorcycle Club

Coronavirus brings out the best in bikers. Plus new bikes, deals and a bit of gossip, too.

These unprecedented times have brought us more grief and suffering than anyone could have imagined. But among all the darkness they have also shined the light on the inherent kindness of people, and the willingness to help those who need it the most. And what has been noticeable is that motorcyclists have taken up the fight against coronavirus in great numbers.

One particularly admirable biker initiative is the Bike Shed Community Response scheme, which has mobilised an army of volunteers to deliver PPE, food and medical supplies on their motorcycles. Launched by the people behind London’s famous Bike Shed motorcycle club, the scheme offers valuable support to the most vulnerable across the country during the Covid-19 crisis.

With an army of volunteers, Bike Shed has adapted and re-purposed Gophr Work, an existing app for couriers, to coordinate the volunteers and to allocate jobs to collect and deliver important supplies to those who need them most.

Volunteers can dictate how much they can carry on their bike, and the app provides them with tasks, such as taking PPE to hospitals and care homes or food to vulnerable people. No previous experience of couriering is required, and volunteers don’t need a specially-adapted bike or advanced rider qualifications – just a road-legal bike, motorcycle licence, insurance and a willingness to help.

Bike Shed’s founder Anthony ‘Dutch’ van Sommeren commented: “We have people signed up across the country, from Aberdeen to Penzance, with plenty of volunteers in the South and Midlands, so right now we are dealing with the backlog of applications from people in the Northeast, Scottish Borders, East Anglia and Wales to make sure we have a strong presence everywhere:’

The volunteer force is backed up by Team Rubicon UK, who are working with the Government and British Red Cross to coordinate tasks, and the scheme is supported by Indian Motorcycle, Gophr and Wavestone Consulting.

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Source: Motorcycle Sport & Leisure