Switzerland: The reform in view of anti-noise standards annoys bikers

Hundreds of motorcyclists protested on Saturday in Bern against two parliamentary initiatives demanding, among other things, the ban of motorcycles emitting more than 95 decibels.

Between 200 and 300 bikers expressed their dissatisfaction with the possible introduction of new noise standards on Saturday morning in front of the Federal Palace. Many of them have left their helmets on the ground in Federal Square.

A call to protest was launched on social media. It was not, however, a real event, as the biker associations were against it. They want to use the political route first.

Two parliamentary initiatives tabled in June by the national councilor Gabriela Suter (PS / AG) particularly upset bikers. They demand a legal basis for anti-noise radars and a traffic ban for motorcycles emitting more than 95 decibels.

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Source: web24.news