UK: Biker accuses Derbyshire cop of breaking Covid rules when pulling him over

A biker is angry at Derbyshire police who he claims broke social distancing rules as they pulled him over for a minor traffic offence.

Chris Burton was travelling on the A6 Derby Road near Whatstandwell when he was stopped by officers.

He was travelling home to Sleaford in Lincolnshire from Matlock on Monday afternoon after having enjoyed a rare day out on his motorbike.

Mr Burton was then pulled over as his number plate was accidentally slightly obscured, which he admitted to and offered to fix immediately.

All the while, Mr Burton says an officer “made no attempt to social distance”, causing him distress and alarm.

He says: “On Monday, September 14, I was returning from Matlock at approximately 2.30pm on my motorcycle after a day out in Derbyshire when I was stopped by the police.

“I was asked to pull over in an area that the police had set-up for stopping motorists.

“The officer that stopped me proceeded to question me regarding my motorcycle but in doing so made no attempt to social distance himself from me.

“Also, the officer in question asked to see my driving license and took it from me without any gloves and did not sterilise it before handing it back to myself.”

Mr Burton had clear concerns about the penalties that the public have to face if they disregard social-distancing rules

He said: “Surely as the police are responsible for enforcing the law they should be adhering to the law at all times, especially regarding the current pandemic.

“As you can imagine, this whole episode has left me feeling extremely unclear and distressed as to the enforcement of the current guidelines / law.”

Mr Burton has raised the issue with Derbyshire police who are looking into his complaint.

Derbyshire Live spoke to Derbyshire police to ask them for a comment but they said they do not comment on complaints while they are being investigated.

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Source: Derbyshire Live