Big bike group supports small bikers vs Osmena sub-400cc ban

Big bike group supports small bikers vs Osmena sub-400cc ban

The Luzon Motorcyclists Federation, Inc. (LMFI) has expressed support for small bike riders’ opposition of the upcoming July 22 sub-400cc ban along the stretch of Osmena Highway.

Last week, the Toll Regulatory Board ordered Skyway O&M to ban motorcycles under 400cc citing that the ground level section of Osmena Highway, between Magallanes and Sales Interchanges were considered toll roads, and thus, under the restriction.

In response, the (Kymco) Like Club Philippines has called for a unity ride to protest the upcoming sub-400cc ban. 

According to the response, the Skyway management will proceed with the sub-400cc ban. The company stated it, “is mandated by the TRB (Toll Regulatory Board). This is to ensure the safety of the motoring public.”

The Luzon Motorcyclists Federation, Inc., is the largest federation of motorcycle clubs in Luzon, composed mainly of big bike motorcycle clubs. Many of these club members also ride small bikes and, as such, are also affected by the upcoming sub-400cc ruling. The Like Club Philippines is also a member of LMFI.

“As an LMFI officer, I ride my scooter almost every day, more than my big bike, and I understand how the ruling affects the time, job, and livelihood of a small biker,” said Love-love Tioseco, LMFI Secretary.

On the other hand, motorcycle groups, spearheaded by the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) will seek dialogues with the local government units of the cities which will be affected by the new sub-400cc rule. According to the MRO, if this pushes through the volume of the displaced motorcycles will converge on the smaller roads surrounding the toll road and could cause tremendous traffic congestion to the extent of affecting businesses within the area as well those that pass the area.