Disabled Veterans MC gifted new roof to the WWII veteran

Disabled Veterans MC

OREGON CITY, Ore — When Buddy Walker bought his two-bedroom, double-wide mobile home a few months back, he spent all his money getting into the home.

What he didn’t pay for was an inspection.

Shortly after buying it, the World War II veteran was getting help with a small plumbing issue from Ken Klarfeld.

Klarfeld is a contractor and, like Walker, a fellow Navy veteran. Klarfeld is the president of the Oregon chapter of Disabled Veterans Motorcycle Club, a nonprofit dedicated to helping disabled veterans like Walker.

Klarfeld offered to take a look at Walker’s roof and see if he noticed anything.

“My goodness, it looked like a Koi pond up there. There was puddles, standing water, lots of valleys and dips,” Klarfeld said.

Klarfeld called around and talked with roofing companies to see who could help out.

Walker said the help couldn’t come soon enough.

“It probably would’ve never made it through another winter,” he said.

Walker was relieved to see the workers show up.

“When they finally got on the job and got started, it took a weight off my shoulders you wouldn’t believe. I had a lot of mental anguish going on. I do have PTSD and that doesn’t make it any easier,” Walker said.

Klarfeld said the nonprofit was fully prepared to pay for the roof itself, but the roofing company and suppliers were able to cover about 70% of the cost.

“To be able to say, we’re going to give it to you. No strings attached,” Klarfeld said. “It does more for us than it does for them. It really is a blessing for us. I can’t think of a better way to put it. It feels great.”