Nation’s biggest bikie group, the Rebels, rides over rival in hostile takeover

Rebels MC

Rebels bikies have made a hostile takeover of another club, accompanied by claims members would be shot if they wore their colours. In what marks a shift in the state’s outlaw motorcycle clubs (OMC) landscape, the Rebels recently “patched over” the Satan’s Soldiers club.

Satan’s Soldiers have clubhouses in Bendigo and Melton and have in the past been affiliated with the Hells Angels. The Herald Sun has been told the move is a strategic push against the Rebels’ fierce rivals the Bandidos.

A source said the Bandidos have increased their presence in Bendigo and the Rebels want to reinforce their influence. The source said assets worth $600,000 had been taken over by the Rebels when they moved on the Soldiers in Bendigo. They were allegedly given a week to get out earlier this month.

“(The Rebels) just walked into their ‘house’ and said ‘Hey, out, it’s ours now. If you don’t leave you and your family will be shot,” the source said. The Soldiers had been told not to wear their colours.

“(They) can’t go anywhere or they will be shot and that club will be shot up. (They) can only ‘patch over’ to Rebels.”

Satan’s Soldiers are regarded as one of the lower-profile outfits in Victoria. There have been few publicly known incidents relating to the club in the past. The Rebels have the largest membership of any Australian OMC. The club reportedly has 70 chapters and 2000 members.

Victoria Police said the force was aware the Rebels had patched over Satan’s Soldiers.

“The activities of OMC’s remain an ongoing focus for Victoria Police and Echo Taskforce investigators,” a spokeswoman said. “We will continue to actively monitor OMCG’s and anyone who uses violence or intimidation to commit crimes and or bring harm to the community.”

Source: The West Australian