Police hunt two men wanted over Gold Coast home shooting near Ben Geppert’s former house

A hunt is underway for two mysterious men following a string of shootings at a home next door to a property that used to be owned by a former Hell’s Angels bikie. 

The house was shot up for the second time in as little as a week at John Francis Drive in Carrara, Gold Coast, about 4am Monday. 

Only last Thursday bullets were sprayed into the home while a couple slept inside.

Former Hells Angel bikie Ben Geppert used to live in the property next door but is understood to have moved out some time ago. 

Police have since released CCTV footage from a nearby residence showing two men fleeing the scene shortly after the first shooting.

Both men conceal their faces in hooded jackets as they separately make their way down the street.

The second man is seen running and holding an item that police believe could be a firearm.

Gold Coast Police Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said it was fortunate nobody had been injured in the shootings considering one bullet narrowly avoided the occupants.

‘One of the rounds has gone through the bedroom and lodged in the wall,’ he told Gold Coast Bulletin. 

They had only just gone to sleep before they heard a series of gun shots peppering their neighbour’s house.

The man initially thought the sounds were someone banging on the door, not realising they were bullets until the police arrived at their door.

‘I was s*** scared. I knew they weren’t normal sounds,’ the woman said.

‘We only just moved in. It’s been about two weeks now.’

The pair had said they thought rival bikies had mistaken Geppert’s house for the one next door and were trying to ‘scare’ him.

Geppert was seen on scene speaking to police as they inspected the property following the second shooting.

While he used to own the house next door, detective inspector Smith said it was too early to tell if the shootings were gang-related.

‘I don’t think you can say at this point it’s linked to outlaw motorcycle clubs,’ he told said.

‘It’s not unusual for them to use that sort of strategy but they know where each other lives and it’d be unusual for them to make that mistake, certainly twice.’

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Source: Mail Online