Ex-Nomads chief says a hacker almost sparked an all-out bikie war

Moudi Tajjour

A convicted killer ex-bikie who now runs a controversial podcast about his experiences claims a hacker almost sparked a deadly bikie war.

Moudi Tajjour was once the Nomads national president but retired to pursue a career as a social media figure.

He claims his former club and the Comancheros have no bad blood, despite reports of a long-running feud.

In his latest podcast, Tajjour claims a hacker sent abusive messages to a member of the Comancheros who is overseas, which could have sparked an all-out war.

‘Its been brought to my attention that somebody has been messaging, swearing and threatening a Comanchero pretending to be me,’ he said during the 10-minute segment on his YouTube channel.

While the club cottoned on to the prospect that the messages hadn’t come from Tajjour himself, he said the prank could have reignited a 20-year-old feud the clubs had settled.

‘More than 20 years ago our clubs had beef under different leadership. No more.

‘A few of them spoke to me the other day and said ”we don’t think its you sending these messages” and they were right,’ he said.

‘This isn’t a joke. People could die from this,’ he said. ‘This is a very dangerous thing that can cause massive dramas.’ 

Tajjour said he and the Comanchero in question – who he chose not to name – had a ‘minor’ disagreement in the past which was quashed almost immediately.

He believes the culprit is a member of a rival club who may have heard ‘there was beef’ but hadn’t realised the matter was resolved and was trying to cause trouble.

Tajjour only found out about the incident a few days ago when he made his way into known Comanchero territory alone and was confronted by 10 men from the club.

‘I walked into this place outnumbered 10 to one not knowing anything. I didn’t know there was an issue.

‘Luckily the guys there were gentlemen and they spoke to me first. They asked me to address it on my podcast so everyone knew there was no beef between us so people can stop creating issues between me and these boys,’ he said.

Tajjour then turned his attention directly to the culprit. 

‘To whoever has been sending messages to these boys pretending it was me. I want you to know you haven’t succeeded in causing drama.

‘We’re all men, we talked about it… They know I’m retired from the life, kicking back and doing my podcast. There is a line of communication there now so if any other club thinks they can pretend to be me and cause trouble they’re wrong.’  

The former national president of the club and convicted killer uses his YouTube platform – which boasts almost 19,000 followers – to discuss everything from rumours about his sexuality to feuds among the clubs. 

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Source: Mail Online