Axel Sidaros faces trial over bikie club shootout and fire-bombing in suburban Canberra

A shootout between rival Canberra club members last year sounded like firecrackers, a neighbour of former Comancheros leader Peter Zdradkovic has told a court.

Key points:

  • Axel Sidaros, 25, faces eight charges over a gun battle involving rival bikie club members last year
  • The target of the attack was the Canberra Comancheros’ ex-leader, Peter Zdradkovic, whose finger was shot off
  • Footage of the shootout shows four men attacking Mr Zdradkovic’s home and using petrol to set vehicles alight

The woman gave evidence today in the trial of 25-year-old Axel Sidaros, who is accused of being among three men responsible for the attack on Mr Zdradkovic’s home in Canberra’s south.

The eight charges include attempted murder, arson and causing actual bodily harm after Mr Zdradkovic’s finger was shot off during the melee.

CCTV footage shown to the jury shows three men wearing hoodies, with their faces obscured, sneaking onto the property before firing into the house.

Mr Zdradkovic had just emerged from the shower, retrieved a gun from his ceiling space and began shooting back.

A fourth man can be seen helping to pour petrol over three cars, including a BMW and a Mercedes, in the garage before setting them alight.

A naked Mr Zdradkovic can be seen running from his house.

His partner gave evidence earlier that the family had been threatened in the lead-up to the attack.

She recounted a Snapchat message sent to her by a friend who had taken a screenshot, which she repeated to the court.

“Peter Zdradkovic you and your crew have 24 hours to hand over your bikes, and your colours … otherwise the hit squad’s going to show up to your families,” she read.

The court heard Mr Zdradkovic then told her to reply to the messages as he dictated.

“Just watch social media, rats will be exposed,” one of his replies read.

Prosecutors told the court that Mr Zdradkovic provoked the rival Comanchero members by posting a picture of himself burning his club colours.

Mr Zdradkovic’s partner also detailed incidents before the attack, including when someone shot at him in his backyard, grazing his head. The court heard he had chased that assailant away.

She also told the jury that, two weeks before the shootout, police had warned the family there was a hit out on Mr Zdradkovic.

Officers had arrested near the home a former bikie associate, with whom Mr Zdradkovic had fallen out.

Various witnesses told the court the family’s house was destroyed inside, with smashed glass strewn everywhere, bullet holes in the walls and blood on the walls.

The trial is continuing.

Source: ABC