Member of Caloh Wagoh MC arrested for liquidation of Justin Jap Tjong

Caloh Wagoh MC

The police arrested a 57-year-old man without a permanent place of residence or Monday on suspicion of involvement in the liquidation of 25-year-old Justin Jap Tjong from Amsterdam. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the suspect is a member of motorcycle club Caloh Wagoh. The evidence comes from Caloh Wagoh President Keylow’s so-called PGP blunder.

The Public Prosecution Service had started a new murder investigation. They could do that because of the many thousands of gigabytes of evidence provided by a blunder from Caloh Wagoh President Keylow. He filmed the chat conversations he had with various clients about murders. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the suspicion against the new suspect also stems from this evidence. “Within that investigation, nearly a thousand data carriers have been seized, with new information coming out every day,” the prosecutors said.


Justin Jap Tjong was shot dead in January 2017 in Amsterdam. According to research, he was involved in Hakim Changachi’s mistreatment in Utrecht a few days earlier. Japanese Tjong had driven the Audi A5 in which the murderers of Changachi had fled. According to witnesses, he then also had to cooperate in a new attempt to liquidate the actual target. He didn’t want that. That refusal, and the fact that he would know too much, would have been a reason to kill him. 

Link with Taghi

With the murder of Jap Tjong and the fact that a Caloh Wagoh member is associated with this, the links between the Caloh Wagoh investigation and the Marengo trial around the fugitive Ridouan Taghi have also become somewhat clearer. Earlier, crown witness Tony de G. announced that his motorcycle club accepted a murder order from Taghi.

Caloh Wahoh

A total of sixteen suspects were prosecuted in this criminal trial for five murders and several murder attempts. In addition to the talks by the club’s president, Tony de G.’s statements are also an important part of the evidence. He was involved in the murder of Jaïr Wessels, but went to justice. In exchange for punishment reduction, he has made more than twenty extensive statements about the ins and outs of Caloh Wagoh. The Public Prosecution Service has not yet announced how much penalty reduction he will receive in exchange for his statements.

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