Former Hells Angel jailed over shooting of bikie

Hells Angels

Michael Basanovic was jailed on Wednesday for his part in killing Zeljko “Steve” Mitrovic inside a transport business in western Sydney in January 2013.

Basanovic, 54, pleaded guilty in December to manslaughter as well as causing grievous bodily harm to Michael Bell, an office worker who was caught in the crossfire.

Michael Basanovic, and inset, arrives at the Supreme Court of NSW in Sydney last week.
Michael Basanovic, and inset, arrives at the Supreme Court of NSW in Sydney last week.CREDIT:AAP, SUPPLIED

He was sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court to 13 years and eight months’ jail with a non-parole period of 10 years and three months.

Because he has been in custody since May 2013, he will be eligible for release in August 2023.

In 2016, a jury convicted Basanovic of murder and sentenced him to a minimum of 21 years’ jail. His conviction was quashed on appeal and a new trial was ordered.

During a retrial, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the basis of having used excessive self-defence.

Hells Angels bikie Zeljko
Hells Angels bikie Zeljko “Steve” Mitrovic, who was killed in January at his Wetherill Park transport business.

He admitted agreeing with his son to kill Mitrovic, a Hells Angels heavyweight, and going with him to the bikie’s Wetherill Park workplace where Mitrovic was shot dead.

Justice Richard Button said that Basanovic had worked as a methamphetamine cook for Mitrovic before their relationship soured.

Tensions eventually boiled over when Basanovic suspected that Mitrovic wanted him killed and claimed he was acting in self-defence because he feared for his life.

“It was impossible to go to police because of the unlawful world in which he chose to place himself,” Justice Button said.

During a heated confrontation, Mitrovic told the pair: “You’re all f—ing dead” before the younger Basanovic repeatedly shot him.

Wade and Michael Basanovic fled to South America following Mitrovic’s death, but returned voluntarily some months later.

Wade Basanovic was in 2016 jailed for at least 11 years after being found guilty of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm with intent.

Justice Button said he was imposing a larger sentence on Basanovic than his son because he instigated the plan, provided the gun and had a history of violent and gun offences.

Source: The Syndey Morning Herald