Bikie lawyer facing cocaine and bribery charges

Andrew Robert Graham

Adelaide defence lawyer Andrew Robert Graham facing serious charges after alleged cocaine bust in nightclub

Up-and-coming criminal lawyer Andrew Graham, who last week represented a notorious bikie in court, is facing serious charges following an alleged drug bust in an Adelaide nightclub.

An Adelaide criminal lawyer is facing serious drug and witness inducement charges following an incident in a city nightclub.

Police allege Andrew Robert Graham, 36, supplied cocaine to others and consumed it himself at a nightclub while under surveillance by a security guard.

When confronted, Graham allegedly attempted to persuade the security guard not to take any action over the incident – and is also facing a charge over that alleged conduct.

Andrew Graham faces both criminal penalties and professional sanctions if the allegations are proven.Andrew Graham faces both criminal penalties and professional sanctions if the allegations are proven.

Graham, of Vale Park, is facing four charges over the incident that occurred on August 18 last year – two of them major indictable charges that carry significant prison sentences.

They are supplying a controlled drug other than cannabis to another person; and offering or agreeing to give benefit “as a reward or inducement” to an individual who “was or may be required to be a witness in judicial proceedings, to withhold evidence or give false evidence at the proceedings’’.

The two minor indictable charges are remaining on a licensed premises while in possession of a controlled drug not contained in packaging with a prescribed label, and consuming a controlled drug other than cannabis.

Graham last Friday represented Rebels bikie Bradley Daniele in Adelaide Magistrates Court in the case in which Daniele pleaded guilty to assaulting a child sex offender in the cells of the City Watchhouse.

Graham did not respond when approached for comment on the matter through his lawyer Craig Caldicott.

Besides the criminal proceedings, Graham’s alleged conduct is likely to be investigated by Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner Greg May.

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Source: The Advertiser