Niko Ranta-aho denied in the new interrogations of the drug case that he knew anything about Janne “Nacci” Tranberg’s role

Drug items revealed by Ranta-aho were found in the forest buried under the refrigerator, in plastic buckets and garbage bags.

“Most of the previous interrogation reports has been full of shit, and I mainly wanted to bring out the points about which, according to suspicions could tell me in court”, said Katiska-story second principal suspect Niko Ranta-aho new police questioning.

The trial, which was described as the largest drug trial in the Helsinki District Court, recently took a surprising turn when Ranta-aho announced that it would admit all the charges against him for the most part.

In interrogations, Ranta-aho mainly talked about his own role in large-scale drug trafficking. From another part of organization, the interrogation does not involve major revelations.

“I am a pre-trial investigation and the trial Cobra, and I am led to the drug trade alone. Drugs, drugs and doping have been owned by me, and I sold them on to clients”, he said the police further investigation According to the minutes.

The reason for the confession, he said, was the decision to end criminal life and mess up loved ones with crimes. A close relative of Ranta-aho is accused of aggravated money laundering. Spouse Sofia Belórf, on the other hand, is charged with drug offenses and two money launderers.

Police questioned Ranta-aho’s motives for the confession, asking if he was trying to protect some other people or retaliate against those who had previously spoken of things that were unfavorable to him. This was denied by Ranta-aho.

A direct question was also asked to Ranta-aho: How does the other main accused, Janne Tranberg, relate to the crimes?

“I don’t know”, he replied.

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Source: MTV Uutiset