Nomads bikie supports club coup from the jail

Nomads MC Australia

Alexander Miller who is the sergeant-at-arms of the powerful Canberra chapter of the Nomads bikie club plans to take part in a coup to topple the club’s national leader.

In an intercepted email from Canberra’s prison — the Alexander Maconochie Centre — which was later filed in court, Alexander Miller wrote that he had the backing of the club’s Blacktown and Melbourne chapter presidents to topple the club’s Canberra-based national boss, Mick Clark.

Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller

With time already served Miller is due to be released from jail on his 30th birthday next Thursday, after being sentenced on Monday to three months in prison on drug possession and driving charges.

In the email, Miller said “Ahmed and Benny” — the Melbourne and Blacktown chapter presidents — would back him to take over.

Miller also said former national president Sleiman Tajjour, who is the brother of retired Nomads boss Mouddi Tajjour, would be out of prison next year.

“They hate Mick,” Miller wrote of the gang’s national leaders. He described the current state of the Canberra chapter as “an embarrassment”.

“I’ll take Canberra and the boys interstate will take back Australia,” he said. “Time to dethrone the king.”

Miller has been behind bars since January when he was arrested with a set of car keys — in breach of bail — as well as 15g of meth, a small amount of heroin and $31,000 in cash.

The courts have heard he is a heavy meth user and has turned to “debasing” himself as a male prostitute to fund his drug habit.

“It’s good that this is happening at this time because no one can say I’m off my head,” Miller wrote.

He said he had long been planning to topple Mr Clark, whose loyalty, he wrote “was to himself”.

ACT policing’s anti-gang squad Taskforce Nemesis, using listening devices, have also overheard Miller saying he was “sick of (Mr Clark) getting credit” for Miller “mov(ing) the amount” he does.

Police, in a statement tendered in court earlier this year, believe Miller was talking about “moving” drugs.

Court records reveal police are still investigating whether $11,000 of the cash Miller had on him when he was arrested was from his job as a sex worker, or whether, as police suspect, he is using the sex business as a cover for the drug trade.

Miller’s release from prison next week comes as tensions continue to mount among Canberra’s two most powerful outlaw bikie clubs, the Nomads and the Comanchero.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph