Four men were arrested for the shooting in front of Hells Angels clubhouse in Kotka

Hells Angels

The men are suspected in murder attempt. Two of them are believed to be members of the Hells Angels MC.

On Monday, North Savolax District Court arrested four men suspected in murder attempt during the shooting in front of the Hells Angels clubhouse in Kotka. No people were seriously injured in the shooting that occurred on April 3.

Two of the men fled after the shooting and managed to stay away from the police for a week. They were arrested following an extensive police operation last Friday.

“The preliminary investigation has shown that there are reasons to suspect that the persons were involved in the shooting,” says the preliminary investigator, Chief of Crime Commissioner Thomas Elfgren at the Central Criminal Police in a press release.

In addition, the men who fled are also suspected in murder attempt. Police suspects the men, who are 45 and 27 years old, also shot at police during the chase.

The other two men are 45 and 53 years old. Police allege they are members of the Hells Angels.

The police continue to investigate the incidents.

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