Heathen Brotherhood SMC Adelaide chapter donated to the Lions Club of Port Pirie

Before government restrictions were tightened amid the coronavirus, the Heathen Brotherhood Social Motorcycle Club’s Adelaide chapter gave $4755 to the Lions Club of Port Pirie.

The funds were raised at a motorcycle rally held at the Gladstone Gaol and went towards the purchase of three new heart monitors for the Port Pirie Hospital.

Adelaide chapter Heathens member Trevor “Grump” Muggleton said the club was proud of the amount of effort and money raised.

“The club would like to thank the Gladstone Gaol, The Patriots Iron Triangle chapter (MMC), and the local businesses who donated their goods and services to support this event,” he said.

“We would also like to acknowledge the Gladstone Community Service Club for their generosity and substantial donation of $4000, which is the amount needed to purchase a single heart monitor.

“It was a great effort during this uncertain time.”

While restrictions remain in place, Mr Muggleton said the Heathens’ Adelaide chapter have been held back from organising more fundraisers.

“We work with other social motorcycle clubs to bring these events together,” he said.

“We raise money for anything and everything we can through the Adelaide chapter.

“When we go to rallies we all mix up with one another … we come from all over the place.

“It is about the motorcycle community getting together to have a good night, meeting up with all our buddies and raising money for a good cause.

“We are holding stuff back that we want to do because of the coronavirus.

“It is just not the same.”

Mr Muggleton is looking forward to when things go back to normal so they can “get up and going” again.

Lions president Michael Baldock said the club was grateful to have the Heathens’ support a second time round.

“The guys have donated some money before for another project on the wheelchair swing at the Mid North Education Centre,” he said.

‘We decided for this year’s president’s project we would buy heart monitors and donate them to the hospital.

“It is absolutely brilliant and we really appreciate the help the guys have given and the effort they have put in.”

Meanwhile, the club has suspended activities and meetings, but is remaining active within the community.

“We are still making contact with individuals,” he said.

“We are basically there, but we are not there.”

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Source: Port Pirie Recorder