Niko Ranta-aho still denies that another hundred pounds of drugs belongs to him

B-N.C – Niko Ranta-aho, who made a confession in the Katiska tangle, admits much of the charges against him, but still denies a total of another hundred pounds of the drugs described in the charges. Ranta-aho is accused of aggravated drug and aggravated doping offenses.

At the end of March, Ranta-aho made a complete turn in Finland’s largest drug trial and admitted that it was the nickname “Cobra” that led the drug trade.

Ranta-aho’s defense on Wednesday provided a detailed written response to the district court, prosecutors and other assistants.

Ranta-aho admits a total of 118 kilograms of amphetamine, 10 kilograms of cocaine, 23 kilograms of mdma (ecstasy), 72,000 ecstasy pills, 19,000 LSD patches, 2 kilograms of crystals (methamphetamine). According to the charges read in Katiska, the drug organization led by Ranta-aho and Janne “Nacci” Tranberg from Spain imported 17 kg of cocaine and more than 200 kg of amphetamine, as well as a large number of other drugs and drugs classified as narcotics, as well as doping substances in 2016-2019.

He still denies another hundred pounds

Initially, Ranta-aho denied all charges. 

Despite his full translation, he still disputes many of the drugs described in the indictments, namely: 100 pounds of amphetamine, 5 pounds of cocaine, 12 pounds of mdma, 30,000 ecstasy tablets, 9,000 LSD patches, 27 pounds of hashish, 5 pounds of marijuana and 1 pound of crystals.

– According to Ranta-aho, the import batch described in the indictment does not exist and such drugs have never been imported, says lawyer Hannu Kaitaluoma. These amounts are mainly based on the order form found on Janne Tranberg’s mobile phone, which, however, is in fact, according to the defense, the subject of another indictment.

– Ranta-aho has wanted to announce what the quantities have really been, Kaitaluoma says.

According to the case law, the maximum sentence of 13 years required for Ranta-aho, even with the number of kilograms granted, is clearly fulfilled. Normally, the grant should take place at an early stage of the investigation so that it can possibly be taken into account in the judgment.

The defense still hopes the recognition and subsequent action will bring some relief.

– Ranta-aho has shown the police in Vihti and Karkkila hiding places where 65 kilos of drugs were returned and seized. What significance the district court then gives to this remains to be seen, Kaitaluoma says.

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