Three Hells Angels from Spain getting 14 years of jail for murder

Hells Angels

The jury court of the Barcelona Court has sentenced three members of the Hells Angels MC to 14 years in prison for intentional homicide in the death of a member of a rival club that occurred in 2017, as well as the payment of compensation of 357,000 euros to the victim’s relatives.

The events date back to 2017, when the three now convicted members, belonging to the motorcycle group Hells Angels MC, killed a member of a rival club in the Barcelona town of Castellar del Vallès, with the aim of maintaining their preeminent status before the rest of biker clubs present in the territory and continue to control their activities.

According to the sentence that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) made public yesterday, it has been proven that the three convicts killed a member of the group of the Renegados MC on September 24, 2017.

The convicts found the victim when he was traveling by motorcycle on a street in Sabadell, and followed her to a polygon in Castellar del Vallès, where they beat him until they left him badly injured and unconscious on the ground. Due to the injuries suffered, the man died on December 9 at the Hospital de Granollers.

Intention to kill

The ruling maintains that the three defendants acted with the “common intention to end his life — of AS—, or at least with knowledge of the high probabilities of doing so with his conduct”, using their numerical superiority and carrying “potentially harmful” objects. for the physical integrity ”of the victim.

The assassinated

“Firstly, one of the accused, acting with the acquiescence and lack of opposition of the other two —who collaborated effectively with the action of said accused by avoiding with his presence the defense or flight of the victim—, charged him at least a blow to the head with an elongated blunt force like a baseball bat ”, causing him to fall to the ground, establishes the sentence.

After that, the ruling continues, the three accused “jointly, or at least two of them in the face of the passivity of the third party – who also collaborated effectively with the injurious result by avoiding the defense or flight of the victim with their presence – continued hitting repeatedly with punches and kicks to the head and the rest of the body, until AS was lying unconscious on the ground. ”

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Source: El País