Six Hells Angels arrested on Canary Islands

The Civil Guard of Tenerife has arrested six people linked to the Hells Angels motorcycle club on Monday morning. The arrests took place within the framework of the “Jabalí-Vulcano” operation and ended with the cessation of the activities of the “Canary Islands Chapter”.

Marijuana plants were seized during the raid.

During the operation, six properties were raided and two marijuana plantations were intervened in the Guargacho and Garachico areas of Tenerife. A joint for the consumption of marijuana was also registered, located on the Costa de Adeje, strategically erected in the area of ​​greatest concurrence. This place was owned by one of the detainees.

Among those arrested were two German citizens, a Pole, a Frenchman, a Serb and a Spaniard. All of them with police and judicial records in background. The authorities have been able to identify that one of them carried out the functions of security in the marijuana plantation and has an extradition order to Serbia for belonging to gang of robbers called the “Pink Panther”.

On the other hand, the captured French citizen also has an international search warrant issued by his country, in this case for crimes of pimping. All of these members of the Hells Angels saw most of their income from the manufacture and trafficking of narcotics. In addition to this they were dedicated to extorting tattoo shops and hostess clubs.

The records reveal that more than 1,000 marijuana plants have been seized , plants prepared for drying and distribution, various tools for the cultivation and preparation of the drugs, seven illegal weapons (two air rifles, a taser pistol, an extendable baton, a machete and two knives), a GPS beacon and 20 electronic devices.

The criminal record of this club in Spain is quite extensive. Since they landed on the island of Mallorca in 2009, they have only had small stops to disappear from the radar of the authorities, but they have always been waiting for the right moment to commit a new crime.

In recent years the Civil Guard has carried out various operations related to this motorcycle club, including the 2009 operation in which 25 people were arrested in different parts of the national territory for crimes of illicit association, against public health, threats , illegal possession, trafficking and deposit of weapons, coercion and against flora and fauna.

In 2013, an operation was carried out that ended with the arrest of 25 people on the island of Mallorca for crimes of homicide, illicit association, money laundering, drug trafficking, extortion, threats, injuries, related to prostitution, fraud and counterfeiting of documents.

One of the main leaders of the organization in its Mallorcan branch is Frank Hanebuth, from Hannover (Germany), for whom the prosecutor asked earlier this year a sentence of 13 years in prison for criminal organization, threats, laundering and illegal possession. of weapons. A large man full of tattoos, who would have transferred his activities for which he was investigated in Germany to Mallorca. When he learned that he was going to prison in Palma, on July 25, 2013, Franck Hanebuth, far from showing regret, said “this is an extension of my vacation”.

In March 2018, the Central Unit for Criminal Gangs learned of an incident in which five members of the club violently broke into a bar in Cambrils (Tarragona), where there were members of a rival club who were violently attacked with chairs and objects forceful.

On February 26, 2019, the Mossos d’Esquadra carried out a police device with 13 entries at the band’s headquarters in Tarragona and Barcelona, ​​as well as at the homes of the main investigated and establishments related to the cultivation and trafficking of narcotic substances. They arrested nineteen people in Catalonia and the Basque Country,  members of Hells Angels MC and other people related to the organization.

At the Tarragona headquarters, various narcotic substances destined for trafficking were seized, and a firearm , abundant documentation, computer equipment and electronic devices were seized with information on the operation, structure and internal regulations of Hells Angels MC.

The investigation is still open, the detainees were brought to justice on February 28 and the judge decreed prison for two of those arrested and freedom with precautionary measures for the rest.

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Source: Elcierre Digital