May 9, bikers in the form of Wehrmacht soldiers drove around the Russian Embassy in Lithuania

May 9, when Victory Day is celebrated in Russia, in Lithuania people who wish to honor the memory of the victims of World War II go to the Antakalnis Cemetery.

On Saturday, Vilnius bikers dressed as Wehrmacht soldiers and also drove to the Antakalnis cemetery, but Police did not let them in.

According to the motorcyclists themselves, they were stopped by Police for a long time on the next street, but there were no violations of the law and the bikers were released.

After that, playing the sounds of the Third Reich marches, they passed the Old Town and drove around the Russian Embassy on the Latviu street.

According to police representative Ramunas Matonis, on May 9, nobody was detained throughout Lithuania for inciting hatred. Nazi and Soviet symbols in Lithuania are prohibited.

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