Businessman and bikers on a roll to feed needy in Mams

COVID-19 relief teams in Mamelodi at the weekend teamed up with motorcycle clubs to donate food parcels to 100 families affected by the pandemic.

The food parcels were donated by a businessman in the area, who asked that his identity be withheld from the public. The bikers also donated food parcels to 80 families.

To take it further, the businessman volunteered to adopt all 100 families and keep them fed by regularly providing food parcels to them.

Chairperson of the Mamelodi Riders, Mathule Motswiane, said: “The Covid-19 team has 200 families to care for, but it now only has to worry about providing weekly meals to 100 of them.

“What this man has done is very inspiring.

“It shows the spirit of ubuntu among some of our successful people.

“We believe that we will be able to regularly provide meals to the remaining families because we’ll get sponsors; but in those weeks that we don’t get sponsorship we’ll use our own money.

“Our members each contribute R500 a month in preparation for these kind of times.

“This is really a humbling experience because to be able to help people in Mamelodi when you’re also from Mamelodi is a great feeling.

“Many of these public figures and the people from Mamelodi Sundowns who are here are originally from Mamelodi.

“That’s why we are all happy to help these families. These are our neighbours, friends and relatives.

“These are not people we see on TV, but people we see in our streets on a regular basis. That makes you see that the impact of Covid-19 on people’s financial well-being is bad.”

The initiative attracted several public figures, including Mamelodi Sundowns official Alex Shakoane, who donated R2 000 that will be used to purchase food parcels for some of the families.

Flamboyant TV star Thami Dish donated R3 600 and brought a camera crew to document the project to hopefully inspire other South Africans to give to those less fortunate.

Unisa senior media officer Tommy Huma, a member of the Docket Riders in Nellmapius, said he was very proud to be part of such a positive initiative.

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Source: Pretoria News