Chris Rymer probably still an active member of the Rebels MC

Chris Rymer

A former bikie who was once granted bail so he could look after his pregnant dog is applying for bail again — but there are now claims about the legitimacy of his dog-breeding business.

A Sydney court hearing argument about whether or not exRebels bikie Chris Rymer should be released on bail ahead of his trial on drug charges has heard stunning claims from police that his legal team misled the court and his dog-breeding business is a front for money laundering.

Rymer, a former high-ranking Rebels bikie out of the club’s Penrith chapter, has pleaded not guilty to a series of commercial drug supply and weapons charges and was applying for release ahead of his trial in August.

His defence barrister Jehane Ghabrial told the Supreme Court yesterday a letter from the officer in charge of investigating his case had made “damaging allegations” regarding her and solicitor Benjamin Jamieson’s conduct as Rymer’s lawyers.

“There are numerous very strong assertions that my solicitor and I have misled the court in respect to a number of matters,” Ms Ghabrial said of the letter.

“Another example of which is an assertion (Rymer’s) dog breeding business is not a real business and is a money laundering exercise which is a completely unsubstantiated assertion.” Rymer has not been charged with any money laundering offences.

Ms Ghabrial was objecting to the letter being tendered to Justice Richard Cavanagh claiming it also alleged $50,000 put forward by Rymer’s mum to secure his release was “suspicious”.

Justice Cavanagh allowed the letter to be tendered but said he would not place weight on the opinion of police regarding the conduct of the lawyers, the claims of money laundering or the surety.

Police are alleging Rymer, 29, is still an active member of the Rebels after finding club-branded clothing at his home, despite the court hearing he has since had tattoos associated with the club removed or covered up.

Justice Cavanagh denied Rymer bail citing concerns he would commit further offences and endanger the community.

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Source: The Daily Telegraph