Another one biker teased police by pulling wheelie in front of them

A motorcyclist was caught “showing off” and pulling a wheelie in front of police in Bolton. 

The unsuspecting biker was pulled over by officers in Bury Road on Friday, May 15.

The Honda driver was handed a traffic offence report after being seen by officers in two marked police cars. He was also issued a warning. 

In a tweet, GMP Traffic said: “If you’re going to show off on your new motorbike, try not to pull a wheelie in front of 2 marked traffic cars like the rider of this Honda did on Bury Road Bolton. TOR (Traffic Offence Report) issued and warned under section 59 police reform act.”

Looks like teasing police by pulling wheelies in front of them may became a new trend in UK. Earlier this month we already posted about biker that teased police same way in Amesbury.

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Source: Manchester Evening News