NPO and Fortys MC help feed the needy in South Africa

The reality of the extended lockdown will financially haunt families for far longer than anyone can imagine.

NPO Under His Covering, in a joint charity drive with Fortys Motorcycle Club South Africa, have come together again on May 8 to donate food parcels to needy families.

“Thank you for being actively involved in reaching out to families in Kempton Park affected by the lockdown. Your assistance, time, love, kindness, generosity and willingness to give to families are much appreciated,” said Under His Covering’s Carike Pretorius.

Pretorius believes Under His Covering cannot change the world but together they can reach out and bring change. She highlighted the need that still exists in Kempton Park.

She said the NPO has been serving Kempton Park for years and has the appropriate permits to receive and distribute relief to beneficiaries.

Pretorius said messages kept pouring in from families who led good and sustainable lives before the lockdown and, because of it, had lost their livelihoods.

Fortys donated parcels to help these families. These parcels consisted of coffee, pap, spaghetti, sugar, canned goods, noodles, eggs, soup sachets, soap, sanitiser and many more essentials.

Fortys has been in existence for the past 23 years and under the leadership of the club president Dan Daniels they have been involved in many charitable events over the years.

For the past 16 years the club has been active in a Bible run with CMA, a Christian motorcycle club. Bibles collected are handed over to CMA.

“Fortys would like to get involved in helping the needy and feed those who have nothing. Our EPC motorcycle council (all the presidents for the East Rand) has fed up to 2 000 families until now.”

In her appreciation towards Fortys, Pretorius explained: “They say do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. I think this approach leads us to new discoveries, new actions and new opportunities.”

She said reaching out to others, helping families and single moms during the lockdown with food parcels makes a huge difference.

“Fortys left a trail today.”

Those who would like to donate, can contact Pretorius on 072 292 4705.

She said hampers could include the following:
1 x Box oats/Matabella pap
5 x soup sachets
5 x 2 Minute Noodles
1 x pasta
1 x rice
2 x tinned meat/Bully Beef
2 x fish tins
2 x tinned vegetables
2 x tinned tomatoes and onion
3 x baked beans or any tinned food
1 x litre cool drink mix
1 x toothpaste
1 x bar soap
4 x toilet rolls
Tea, coffee, sugar, milk powder
1 x pack of potatoes
1 x pack of carrots

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Source: Kempton Express