Woman biker’s 120mph crash is caught on her camera as she cheats death and left almost uninjured

Terrifying helmet camera video shows how a Russian woman biker cheated death when she crashed during a 120mph street race with a car in Russia.  

The rider, known as the Sochi Speeder after her home city in western Russia, is seen careering out of control as her Kawasaki ZX-6R accelerated along a motorway.

Her GoPro camera kept filming as she ‘jumped’ from the out-of-control 600 cc Kawasaki Ninja, saving her life.  

She is seen smashing onto the tarmac, but was remarkably unscathed by the crash which took place last week. The woman, called Angelina, in her early 20s, suffered scratches and bruises on her rear and legs but – astonishingly – no fractures.

“Ass at its place, a little bit scratched but ok.”

The crash video shows how motorists rushed to help her seconds after her high speed accident.

‘All my body hurts… Please, ambulance,’ she says as they approach.

Witnesses are heard saying: ‘Don’t touch her… Please, lie, do not move. She will survive. How are you?’

‘It hurts.’

‘Calm down, breathe. Do not remove anything. Leave your helmet. Do not move, lie as you are.’

‘I had a speed wobble, the bike was shaking.’

‘We saw. Lie there, don’t move…’

They looked on evidently disbelieving that she could have survived.

Later Angelina posted on her social media: ‘I got into horrible crash….

‘There were almost no chances to survive in this crash, but I was very lucky…

‘No fractures, but all in lacerations…’ 

She said she jumped from the bike as spun out of control.

She told her 29,300 followers that she was ‘sewn up’ but ‘cannot move’ though she ‘did not stay in hospital’.

Later she is seen on her feet posting a video from home showing her bandages.

‘My bum is still there,’ she joked.  

‘The skin was grazed off…but….’

Reports said she was doing 120 mph (190km/h) when the speed limit was 55 mph (90km/h).

A car overtook her before the crash in Adler, part of the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, with accounts claiming she was in a race with the vehicle.

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Source: Mail Online