Tough love behind bars

Melissa Goodwin and Caleb Valeri

It looks like armed robber Corey London got the short end of the stick following last week’s salacious prison love triangle revelation.

Two weeks after Snitch noted Silverwater prison officer Melissa Goodwin’s temporary suspension from the yard over her relationship with a former inmate, Goodwin — a 25-year-old body builder — was arrested over an alleged romp with another inmate.

It is understood 21-year-old London was approached about his sexual encounters with Ms Goodwin inside Silverwater prison after Ms Goodwin started advertising her new love interest, Rebels bikie club associate Caleb Valeri, on social media.

While Ms Goodwin and Valeri continue their relationship on bail, Mr London can only dream about freedom from inside Long Bay.

He was moved to the Malabar facility in May after starting his sentence at Silverwater.

London was sentenced to six years and will be out in 2022.

It is understood prison officers there have been asked to keep an eye on Mr London.

According to our source, the prison officers have been told to ensure he is not put in the same cell as a Rebel bikie associate.

Meanwhile, Valeri was a surprising sight for detectives when they turned up to arrest his girlfriend at her Ingleburn home and found him there. His bail conditions require him to reside at his St Clair home.

Ms Goodwin has been charged with misconduct in public office and having a relationship with an inmate. Police will allege she smuggled tobacco, cigarette lighters and gum to London and had five sexual encounters with him at

Silverwater. She is now on bail.


Prisons have so far managed to avoid turning into COVID-19 hotbeds, thanks to an early ban on visitors and mail.

And while authorities are determined to keep it that way, some staff aren’t too pleased with getting up close and personal with inmates and hand-held thermometers.

Some Community Corrections officers have told their union they don’t want to test visitors and offenders due to their own health concerns, according to a newsletter sent out last week.

But the union has attempted to reassure worried members stating personal protection equipment will guard them from any nasties given the less than 30-second timeframe they spend with the testee.

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Source: The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney)