Mongrel Mob branching out of Logan heartland to infiltrate Gold Coast

Mongrel Mob

The Mongrel Mob chapter in Australia is branching out of its Logan, Brisbane, heartland to infiltrate surrounding suburbs including the northern Gold Coast to hide criminal activity, leaked police intel says.

Intelligence reports seen by the Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper detail the lengths the Mongrel Mob and the Hells Angels are going to in order to hide their activity.

The reports also show how the closure of the traditional clubhouses has done little to stop them from meeting and conducting club business.

The “intelligence brief” details the notorious New Zealanders development in southeast Queensland, how it concentrated its early growth in Eagleby, before stretching tentacles into other suburbs to try to hide members’ movements.

It’s understood the Mongrel Mob launched a Gold Coast chapter in 2016, before they was “outlawed” in Queensland in 2018.

“A recent review of current Mongrel Mob participants has identified since the primary establishment of the group, members/associates are continuing to move out of Eagleby to other suburbs within the Logan (police) District, including suburbs within neighbouring districts,” the brief reads.

“With the gradual move of Mongrel Mob participants away from the suburb of Eagleby, there have been limited police interactions and intelligence reporting around their activities.”

“Intelligence received indicates the Mongrel Mob are continuing to establish/strengthen relationships with varying OMCGs in the South East Region and continue to be the subject of drug and weapons related holdings.”

Mongrel Mob members have been seen on the Gold Coast’s northern suburbs for years, slowly growing a presence among young New Zealand men in the region, sources have told the Bulletin.

The report goes on to say, “it is likely the Mongrel Mob are attempting to branch out from their original foothold within Eagleby into other suburbs across the Logan and neighbouring districts.

“It is likely the collective movement by members/associates from Eagleby to other suburbs is to try and limit future detection of their activities by police and to expand their influence in the areas they move to.”

The report into the Hells Angels reveals “animosity between the Brisbane and Gold Coast chapters of the Hells Angels”, recently. Although a recent change in the Brisbane chapter President position will squash that “animosity”.

“The change in leadership is likely to result in greater levels of cohesion between the chapters.”

The report details a clubhouse the motorcycle club was using in the Logan area and the links the area still has to the club and members.

It also goes into detail about how the Gold Coast chapter continues to flaunt consorting laws.

“The Hells Angels OMCG Gold Coast chapter continues to operate as a small, tight-knit group. Club members attend club meetings (church) at varying locations within the South East Region, predominantly hotels and members residences.”

“It’s highly likely Hells Angels OMCG members will continue to be involved in drug and firearm offences within the South East Region.”

Sources have also revealed the Mongols bikie club is also using a gym in the Labrador/Biggera Waters area to meet. In May, alleged member Harley Barbaro was hit with a fine in relation to meeting at the alleged gym with other club members.

Shadow Police Minister Dan Purdie, a former detective, who dealt with motorcycle clubs in the past said the red carpet had been rolled out for the clubs to go about their illegal business by the Labor Government.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has rolled out the red carpet for criminal gangs putting the safety of Gold Coast residents at risk,” he said.

“This is yet another example that the bikies are well and truly back under Labor.

“Labor’s organised crime laws are weak and unenforceable, which is why there has been a staggering 1511 consorting warnings but not one bikie sent to prison.

“The police intelligence proves just because bikies have taken their names off the buildings doesn’t mean they’re not meeting.”

Purdie: “Our dedicated organised crime detectives are overworked and have had a gutful that bikies get away with their actions scot-free.

“This is alarming for the community because we have seen before innocent people getting caught in crossfire.

“The LNP proposed tough weapons legislation last year to crack down on gun crime such as drive-by shootings, but Labor voted against these tough new measures. Only an LNP Government will restore the tough laws that made the Gold Coast a safer place.”

Police Minister Mark Ryan in a statement last week spruiking a crackdown on organised crime said: “Under the Palaszczuk Government, Queensland has the toughest anti-organised crime legislation in Australia. I’m advised by police there are currently, no active bikie clubhouses known to Queensland Police.

“Police are arresting bikies and disrupting their organisations. The results prove that.”

“Our outstanding police are taking tough action and arresting outlaw bikie criminals.”

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Source: NZ Herald