Police believe a bikie associate who disappeared after a dispute at a Hells Angels clubhouse is dead

Homicide detectives believe a bikie associate who disappeared after a dispute at a Hells Angels clubhouse is dead.

Investigators said yesterday they thought the death was linked to internal club conflict.

Adelaide man Kerry Giakoumis, 29, came to Melbourne on June 5 with two Hells Angels members. He was to return to Adelaide on June 10 but has not been heard from since.

Mr Giakoumis went to the Hells Angels clubhouse on Lipton Dr, Thomastown, with other bikies in the early hours of June 10.

“We believe there is some internal conflict at play,” Acting Senior Sergeant Jason Poulton said.

“The circumstances are concerning insofar as he is associating with members of the Hells Angels, he goes to the clubhouse and shortly thereafter he disappears.

“We have grave concerns that this is a suspicious disappearance and we are of the opinion it will likely be a murder investigation and believe there will be people in the circle of association who are friendly with Kerry and might not necessarily agree with the actions that have played out.”

Kerry Giakoumis, 29

Mr Giakoumis, a concreter, has long-term associations with the Hells Angels and is known to police. Detectives hope a forensic search of the Thomastown clubhouse will help them solve the case.

Mr Giakoumis went to the clubhouse on June 10 after being at a flat in Richmond, which is also being examined.

Police believe he came to Melbourne willingly and that it is possible his disappearance was premeditated.

“There are a number of possibilities. It is likely we are dealing with an internal conflict or some other conflict that we are unaware of at this stage and that’s why we want to hear from people who can provide answers to Kerry’s family,” Sgt Poulton said.

Police will examine relationships between the Victorian and South Australian chapters of the Hells Angels as part of the inquiry.

“Kerry’s disappearance is very much out of character,” Sgt Poulton said. “We know he was at the Hells Angels clubhouse in the early hours of 10 June, however what we don’t know is what has happened to Kerry and why.

“It’s our understanding that Kerry wasn’t a patched member and just an associate of the club at the time of his disappearance. Investigators believe some kind of dispute has taken place and that may be connected to other members or associates of the Hells Angels.

“We’re appealing for someone who was either there on the night or has knowledge of what happened on the night, to come forward and contact police and this can also be done anonymously.”

The clubhouse and two homes in Richmond and Melbourne were raided by the homicide squad, Echo Taskforce and Yarra crime investigation unit on June 25.

Mr Giakoumis told his family he had gone to Melbourne to work as a concreter. He kept in contact with his family in South Australia and his mother had booked his return flight to Adelaide.

There has been no activity on his bank account or phone since June 10.

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