Aberdeen biker crashed into cyclist after telling him he shouldn’t be in the centre of road

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Dale Campbell, 24, repeatedly pulled alongside the cyclist on Auchmill Road and Oldmeldrum Road in Aberdeen, driving in an “erratic manner” and gesticulating, telling him he should not be in the centre of the lane.

Eventually he got too close and collided with the cyclist’s leg, before both men fell to the ground and Campbell got up and drove away on November 11.

Fiscal depute Susan Love told Aberdeen Sheriff Court: “At around 4.40pm a man was cycling home at the locus heading west. He did not know the accused.

“At this time he became aware of a male, the accused, wearing a motorcycle helmet and riding a white Honda motor vehicle.

“The motorcyclist pulled up alongside him and advised him he should not be cycling in the centre of lane one.

“The man has a rear-facing camera on his bike and was able to video the incident.

“The accused is seen to speed up and slow down repeatedly alongside the man and repeatedly accelerate through traffic from a static start to catch up with him.

“The witness informed the accused he was entitled to cycle where he was.

“He intended to turn right into Oldmeldrum Road and had no interest in engaging with the accused.

“The man became aware of the accused accelerating up behind him and pulled alongside.

“He turned away from the accused with the intention of ignoring him.

“The accused drove his motorcycle into the man, striking him on the left leg while the accused was revving his engine.

“The witness grabbed hold of the accused’s bag and as a result both fell to the ground.

“The accused picked up his motorcycle and made off in the direction of Mugiemoss Road.”

The cyclist then contacted police.

Campbell pled guilty to a charge of dangerous driving over the matter.

He also admitted a domestically aggravated charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner over a separate incident.

Defence agent Stuart Flowerdew said his client had not deliberately made contact with the cyclist’s leg.

The solicitor said a court-ordered social work report contained details of his client’s “state of mind at the time”.

Sheriff Philip Mann disqualified Campbell, of Liddell Place, Dyce, from driving for a year and said he would need to pass an extended test before being allowed to drive again.

He also fined him £640.

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Source: Evening Express by Danny McKay