Caloh Wagoh leader suspected in one more assassination attempt

Caloh Wagoh

The leader of Caloh Wagoh MC is suspected by the Public Prosecution Service of plotting an assassination attempt on Robin van O. The recently arrested Van O. is seen by the Public Prosecution Service as the brain behind the rolled up ‘underworld prison’ with torture chamber. 

The Public Prosecution Service announced this today during a new introductory session in the trial against the motorcycle club. A large number of members of the club are suspected of underworld killings and failed assassinations.

The leader of the motorcycle club and the main suspect in the liquidation process is Delano R. aka Keylow. According to the Public Prosecution Service, he took on countless assignments from various clients as a murder broker, whereby the job that yielded the most money was given priority. The main client of Caloh Wagoh, according to the Public Prosecution Service, is top criminal Ridouan Taghi.

Torture chamber 

Remarkably, important evidence against the motorcycle club is provided by the main suspect himself. He filmed and photographed chat conversations with his encrypted PGP phone and saved them on laptops and external hard drives. Police and judicial authorities have managed to crack these and thus came across a mountain of evidence. A new suspicion against Keylow and some other suspects has also recently arisen.

According to the prosecutor, Keylow worked with Taghi’s Jermaine B. on a plan to have 40-year-old Robin van O. murdered. This Van O. was recently arrested by the police. He is the prime suspect in the  torture chamber case that was rolled up in a shed in Brabant .

Van O. was part of an alliance of crime groups that had agreed to form one front against Taghi. Last week this news site already published a chat that showed that Taghi was hunting Van O. Taghi and Caloh Wagoh member Roel T. exchange an address in Utrecht. 

“That sport lives here with a child,” Taghi writes. 

“Sport” is the nickname of Van O. Police investigations have shown that Van O. indeed lived here with his partner and two children. Keylow was also sent photos of the Porsche in which Van O.’s girlfriend drove, as well as a police photo of Van O. According to the prosecutor, the investigation into this murder plan is still in progress.

New arrests

The police also recently arrested three new suspects. These are Ferman D., Guyno O. and Ferrel T. The latter two were previously sentenced to long prison terms for their involvement in the January 2017 crime murder of Hakim Changachi . 

Caloh Wagoh

The investigation of Caloh Wagoh revolves around a total of five completed murders and many more murder plans or attempted murders. A  villa in Doorn was also fired upon with an automatic firearm. Important evidence is also provided by key witness Tony de G. He made several incriminating statements about Caloh Wagoh and several suspects. In total, there are 21 suspects in this case, 18 of whom are in custody.

The prosecutor called Caloh Wagoh’s way of working “repugnant”. 

“The facts are unprecedented. We do of course know many serious facts in Dutch criminal law, but we have never seen these murders made to order, on this scale. It is disgustingly nasty. The content of the chat messages is nothing short of shocking. People are a commodity.”

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Source: AD by Yelle Tieleman