Denmark: Federations refuse Satudarah-associated boxer license to box

Patrick Nielsen

Boxer Patrick Nielsen’s association with Satudarah MC means he will no longer be able to be licensed to box professional in Denmark.

That’s what chairman Jesper D. Jensen of the Danish Professional Boxing Federation (DPBF) says to BT, after the boxer told the same newspaper on Sunday that he has been admitted to the motorcycle club.

“I don’t want to curse, but I strongly reject his choice. It’s his choice. But he has chosen so that his future is not professional boxing in Denmark at least, ”Jesper D. Jensen told the newspaper.

Patrick Nielsen was last in the ring in October 2019.

He has stated that he has things he wants to avenge in the boxing, but he is not allowed to do so, states the boxing union chairman.

“He hasn’t been licensed for a year. Of course, when he doesn’t have a license, he can’t box. The next question is, ‘what if he is looking for a license’, well, then we will use paragraph 5, which states that you bring the boxing in discredit – and he did – then there is no license ‘ , says Jesper D. Jensen to BT

Some sources revealed to that Patrick Nielsen became full-patched member of Satudarah MC recently.

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Source: Tekdeeps