Satudarah rapper to perform for the young people: ‘A armor must equal’ in the grave’

“My brother, it’s love.”

How to begin the most Spotify-streamed song of the time sung by rappers Gilli, Kesi and A’typical.

The first two names do you know with certainty, but the last – A’typically – is a relatively blank sheet of paper in the Danish mainstream-rap.

And so is he, one of good, old-fashioned Danish would call a bully.

He is a member of the were full members of the Satudarah and have several bouts aired his views on the police and ‘informers’ in his lyrics, as he, for example, provides a taste of the song ‘STTS’:

‘4-0 to Palle Sørensen, then just lie down in the grave, an armor must equal’ in the grave.’

STTS stands also for ‘Satudarah Tetap Tetap Satudarah’ – translated to ‘Satudarah for always – for always Satudarah’.

In the music video for the song is A’typically with the civil name Amin Kevlar with Satudarah-west, together with all of its ‘brothers’ from the were full members, and it is precisely the sense of belonging that right now has created a major discussion in a small Danish town near Vejle.

In the Onion south of the town, stands A’typical namely to perform the 15. February 2020 for the city’s young people to a so-called ‘Nap Fest’ aimed at 15-19-year-olds.

exactly, it’s the Onion Ungeråd, which aims ‘to promote a ‘healthy and well ungdomsliv’ in the city, as planned, to the rocker-related rapper by the city’s youth with its violent lyrics.

the Song ‘STTS’ is a few years old, but in the song ‘Free’ from this year, make A’typically also crystal clear in the first lines, that it is not him, you need to squeal about.

‘clenched Fists for you spit teeth – informers gets stuck, for they do not bleed anymore,’ sings the Danish-iranian rapper.

And it is certainly not all in the Onion, it seems, it is a good idea, to A’typically have to spread its violent and politifjendtlige text in front of the town’s young people.

the Head of the crime prevention the SSP in Vejle, denmark, Helle Brynaa, take for example, the large distance to the concert.

“of course, We cannot support such a concert, but we can’t do anything. It is also the police attitude, and we’ve tried addressing it, but it is then also the possibility, as we have,” she says to B. T.

B. T. has contacted the president of the Onion Ungeråd, Jonas Nielsen, who were to have helped to arrange the concert.

But he is not much to comment on the criticism.

“It should not blend you in,” says Jonas Nielsen.

Will you elaborate it?

“I will not, no. I just want to say that I will not answer the questions, and that I should not interfere you,” stresses the president.

Ungerådet in the Onion is supported by The social housing Plan, and in the case there could in theory be funding from the Vejle Municipality.

the Head of The social housing Masterplan in the whole of the town, Jacob Wiese, tells the dog to Vejle Amts Folkeblad, the show is not funded with money from the master plan, but he also like the SSP and the police take the distance from the event.

B. T. has unsuccessfully tried to get a comment from A’typisks management and record label.

Source: IndoNewYork