Holland: Ex-leader of Haarlem Hells Angels steps to court to remain active in Hardliners MC

Hardliners MC

Frank L., a former leader of the Haarlem Hells Angels, demands by summary proceedings that he can remain active in the new motorcycle club Hardliners MC.

The prosecution forbids him that, for fear that he will plunge into crime again. Other ex-members of controversial motorcycle clubs would also join the Hardliners MC.

L. has been sentenced to five years in prison for participating in a criminal organization, possession of weapons, racketeering and ill-treatment. He was the right-hand man of President Lysander de R. of the Haarlem “chapter” of the Hells Angels, who has been sentenced to nine years in prison. According to the court, the motorcycle club under their leadership exercised a “real reign of terror” in Haarlem.

L. served two thirds of his sentence and was released in May this year. However, he may not engage in activities within the motor club Hardliners MC. The prosecution has laid down that in a number of conditions attached to his conditional release since May.

The Hardliners MC founded by Lysander de R. and Frank L. has joined the new club. He was seen in a photo of Hardliners MC last year on the steps of the Haarlem town hall, with all members in their motorcycle coffee.

The Public Prosecution Service is concerned that the Hardliners MC will also become a criminal organization. During a lawsuit in The Hague court, the state lawyer pointed out that former members of the infamous motorcycle clubs Caloh Wagoh and No Surrender would have joined Hardliners MC.

The logo of this new club is also very similar to the logo of the forbidden in Holland Hells Angels MC.

“There are a lot of red flags,” said the lawyer about Hardliners MC.

According to Frank L.’s lawyer, there is no evidence that Hardliners MC is guilty in criminal offenses. “There is nothing to indicate criminal acts,” said the lawyer during summary proceedings in The Hague.

It can’t be that a motorcycle club is banned for a member just because of a tough name. ” He demanded that the conditions attached by the Public Prosecution Service to L.’s conditional release be changed.

During the summary proceedings, Frank L. disputed that the landing photo of Hardliners MC at the Haarlem town hall was a provocation to the endangered mayor Jos Wienen. They just couldn’t happen to take a picture with all the members on it anywhere else in the city center, ex-Hells Angel said.

His activities within the Hardliners MC are only focused on a bit of driving and a drink with the members. “I want to show that things can be done differently with a motorcycle club,” he said.

Verdict is awaiting in two weeks.

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Source: Noordhollands Dagblad by “Cerberus”