Detectives bust bikie at barbers

Mongols MC Australia

Notorious Gold Coast bikie Harley Barbaro has been arrested for allegedly breaching Queensland’s controversial consorting laws.

Mr Barbaro was arrested at a Gold Coast barber shop on Saturday after a large group of uniformed police officers and plain clothes detectives attended the Mount Warren park business.

It is understood Barbaro, a Mongols bikie member and the brother of slain Sydney underworld figure Pasquale Barbaro, has a “no contact” order relating to a work colleague. However, Mr Barbaro’s lawyer, Campbell MacCallum, said there was provision in the legislation for work contact to be treated outside the scope of consorting laws.

A furious Mr MacCallum slammed the consorting laws as draconian and said his client had done nothing wrong.

“Mr Barbaro works as a direct employee,” he said.

“He is undoubtedly completely entitled to be in the presence of (the business owner) when discharging his employment duties.”

He said his client had made police aware of the fact he was employed by a person on his nocontact list several days before the altercation.

“This would deter, in my view, any point in any person extending any co-operation with the QPS in relation to these draconian laws,” he said. A police spokesman said Barbaro was not charged, but issued with a move-on direction. He has previously successfully contested consorting charges.

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Source: The Sunday Mail (Queensland) via Press Reader