Detectives bust bikie at barbers

Mongols MC Australia

Notorious Gold Coast bikie Harley Barbaro has been arrested for allegedly breaching Queensland’s controversial consorting laws.

Mr Barbaro was arrested at a Gold Coast barber shop on Saturday after a large group of uniformed police officers and plain clothes detectives attended the Mount Warren park business.

It is understood Barbaro, a Mongols bikie member and the brother of slain Sydney underworld figure Pasquale Barbaro, has a “no contact” order relating to a work colleague. However, Mr Barbaro’s lawyer, Campbell MacCallum, said there was provision in the legislation for work contact to be treated outside the scope of consorting laws.

A furious Mr MacCallum slammed the consorting laws as draconian and said his client had done nothing wrong.

Source: The Sunday Mail (Queensland) via Press Reader

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