Matthew Bruce jailed over guns, drugs and arson as police uncover affair

Matthew Bruce

A Rebels bikie enforcer turned commercial drug trafficker filmed test-firing a high-powered assault rifle in a Victorian forest will spend 21 years behind bars after a police sting uncovered his lucrative operations and the secret affair he was having with his girlfriend’s sister.

During a three-month “criminal enterprise”, Matthew Bruce, 37, orchestrated a drive-by shooting, arson attack, insurance fraud and purchased more than 3.6 kilograms of ice.

Bruce, a father of six from Melton South, also owned a cache of guns, despite being the subject of a 10-year firearm prohibition order. He hid an SKS semi-automatic military rifle in a guitar case alongside four others at a mate’s house and fifth inside a horse float.

In video footage released by the County Court of Victoria, Bruce can be seen test firing the semi-automatic weaponmodelled on an AK-47, in a state forest as he attempted to sell the rifle and rounds of ammunition on the black market for more than $27,000.

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