Shane Bowden deserves apology

Shane Bowden

He spent nearly 20 years in jail for shooting a notorious bikie and slashing at a man during a violent home invasion – but Shane Bowden would never expose a plane full of innocent people to coronavirus, his former partner says.

Trudi McPhee, who has a teenage son with Bowden, has called on authorities to apologise after they said he had potentially exposed 84 people to the virus on a Monday morning Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Police are still investigating the circumstances of the bikie’s arrival in Brisbane and have alleged he falsified his border declaration pass. But while authorities initially claim he boarded the plane with coronavirus, they have since clarified he did not.

“He was given the allclear,” Ms McPhee said. “They said he had COVID and they need to apologise to him – but I don’t think they have the balls to apologise to him, quite frankly.”

Ms McPhee said Bowden (inset) tested positive to COVID-19 on July 19 while in hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to his leg. But she said he had recovered some time around August 20.

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