Armed police raided Christchurch properties linked to Head Hunters MC

Head Hunters MC

Two properties linked to the Head Hunters MC in Christchurch were raided by armed police today.

Police executed search warrants on Wednesday morning at a Vickerys Rd property in Wigram and a Cashmere house, a police spokeswoman said.

The spokeswoman said the armed offenders squad took part in the raids “as a precaution”.

“Police have executed two search warrants in Christchurch this morning in Wigram and Cashmere. 

“AOS staff were in attendance as a precaution. As the search warrants are ongoing there is no further update at this time.”

Four police cars and a van were at the scene on Wednesday morning.

An armed officer was guarding the gate of the Vickerys Rd property, while a scene photographer and officers searched the property.

Police at the scene declined to comment on the reason for the raids.

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Source: Star News