SAPol is using Criminal Law Consolidation Act to close clubhouses

SAPol is using Criminal Law Consolidation Act that allows to prohibit any member of a “declared criminal organisation” from being on the prescribed premises under the threat of three years in prison to close clubhouses along all South Australia.

The Descendants clubhouse at Beafield Rd, Para Hills West was under intensive interest of police and 29 people – including members and associates – each fined $1000 for breaching COVID-19 restrictions in May. This clubhouse is the first since 2017 that was listed as prescribed permises.

Following Beafield Rd, Para Hills West clubhouse two more properties was listed as prescribed premises: another Descendants property at Pentland Rd, Salisbury South, and a Rebels-owned residential home at Sleep Rd, Para Hills.

In today’s date there are 13 clubhouses of different motorcycle clubs across South Australia that was enlisted as prescribed premises by SAPol and they are working to identify and ban more.

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