Anthony Hess leaves the country after allegedly being “bashed by bikie boss Toby Mitchell”

Anthony Hess

Anthony Hess, 39, a man who by allegations of police was “bashed by Toby Mitchell” left Australia to Los Angeles to avoid being questioned by police.

The police charged Toby Mitchell after they got CCTV video where a man who looks like Mitchell slapped three times a man who looks like Hess.

Hess didn’t make any police statements and by his own words wants the charges against Mitchell dropped.

Hess and Mitchell who have been close friends for eight years, were drinking outside Gilson cafe in South Yarra with other Mongols including top lieutenant Mark Balsillie.

Hess said to Daily Mail Australia:

“We were all drinking and having a good time, everyone was in good spirits and enjoying the restrictions lifting and the nice weather.”

“I was just a drunk hot mess and things had become a bit crazy but I didn’t expect the police to be involved and Toby to be charged.”

“The police have completely blown this out of proportion. They should just drop the charges as I never wanted him arrested.”

Mr Sheales, Toby Mitchell’s solicitor, told the court on bail hearings that “Mr Mitchell does is slap [the victim] with an open hand three times and the fellow doesn’t even lose his drink. It’s the most minor incident in the world.”

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