Victoria: Police raided Rebels MC clubhouse on Havilah Road in Long Gully, Bendigo

The Rebels MC

A further search warrant was executed today at the Rebels MC headquarters on Havilah Road in Long Gully.

The Details have not yet been disclosed. And no arrests was reported.

Officer in charge of the Echo Taskforce, Detective Inspector Graham Banks, said Victoria Police will continue to have a strong focus on the activities of both motorcycle club members and their associates.

“Those involved in criminal activities can be assured that we will do everything possible to ensure they are held accountable for their actions,” he said.

“Victoria Police is not intimidated by OMCGs, nor will we allow our communities to be.”

“We will also continue to issue FPOs to those who we know are involved in criminal activities.

“An FPO prevents a person from acquiring, possessing or using a firearm or firearm related items, as well as entering certain premises such as firearms dealerships and shooting ranges.”

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Source: Vic Police