Hells Angel Paul Savage sues Registrar of Firearms in Supreme Court of a firearms prohibition order

Hells Angels Australia

Paul Savage, 57, acknowledged he was a member of the Hells Angels motorcycle club as he appealed the initial decision to place him on a firearms prohibition order, which not only prevents him to have a gun legally but also bans him to be in the same location where guns are registered.

His initial appeal was dismissed in August by South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which concluded that gun ban on Mr.Savage should remain in the interests of public safety.

Now, the case moved to Supreme Court where Mr.Savage is claiming the prohibition order is an ­imposition on his “interests, rights and liberties”.

Also, Mr.Savage appealed, that the gun ban makes influence on his family too, as they always in stress at the possibility police raid on his property at any time to search for prohibited weapons.

The registrar responded that these claims were speculative, but was overruled by the tribunal, which said that evidence before the court showed Mr.Savage’s family could be affected by the order.

The Tribunal ruled that Mr.Savage’s membership of the Hells Angels was an “inherent risk” which the prohibition order defended against.

However, the reasons also noted that Mr Savage posed no “public interest risk”, other than his Hells Angels membership. Supreme Court Master Graham Dart earlier this month reserved his judgment.

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Eric Silbermann for biker-news.com