Matthew Bruce sentenced: Rebels bikie working toward early release date

A feared Rebels bikie got a tongue lashing from a magistrate who said he’d always known the tattooed thug would find himself in “trouble”.

Magistrate Richard Pithouse didn’t mince his words when he handed down a 12-month jail term to Rebels sergeant-at-arms Matthew Bruce for charges including drug trafficking, weapons possession, dealing with the proceeds of crime and failing to surrender firearm ammunition at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court on Monday, October 19.

Bruce was sentenced by the County Court to 21 years and six months prison in August for charges including trafficking a commercial quantity of methamphetamine, possessing a trafficable quantity of firearms, arson, discharging a firearm at premises, committing an indictable offence on bail and making false reports to police.

Court documents revealed the crimes dealt with by the court on Monday immediately predated his County Court offences.

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