Lawyers of Sam Ibrahim: He will be killed if deported to Lebanon

Sam Ibrahim

Underworld figure Sam Ibrahim has been deported from NSW in a covert operation involving heavily armed police but his lawyer said returning him to Lebanon could be a death sentence.

Ibrahim, who is the older brother of well-known Sydney identity John Ibrahim, was smuggled in police convoy from Long Bail jail to Sydney Airport, where he was put a on flight to Perth on Thursday morning before his family or lawyers were even aware of it.

It’s believed his other brother Michael — who is in Goulburn Supermax — was told in the early afternoon.

In Perth, Hassan “Sam” Ibrahim, 51, will fight the Australian government’s efforts to send him back Lebanon, where he was born before moving to Australia as a child in 1970. He never took out Australian citizenship.

Ibrahim spent more than five years behind bars for a firearms offence, during which time Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton cancelled his permanent residency visa.

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